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South American

Colombian Supremo
The supremo beans are from South America and stand apart from the other Colombian beans. Their large size and excellent quality produce a rich and full-bodied cup of coffee with good acidity.


Africa and Middle East


Kenya AA - Light or Dark Roast
Large 'AA' beans from northeast Africa, the Kenya beans produce a snappy, light acidic coffee with a rich earthy flavor. Bold-bodied, the Kenya produces a mild and dry pleasant aftertaste.

Far East and Ocean


A selected bean from the Far East, Sumatra produces a rich mellow coffee that is fairly low in acid. Heavily-bodied, this is a truly aromatic and exquisite coffee.

New Guinea
The unique quality of this island bean produces it's own interesting flavor. New Guinea can be enjoyed alone or blended to take advantage of its distinctive taste.

Costa Rican
These beans are selected and roasted to the Viennese level producing a heafy bouquet. The light earthy flavor that is released produces an excellent coffee that appeals to many individuals. Fairly mild in acid, the Costa Rican is one of the most popular coffee beans on the market.

Oaxaca Mexico
The Oaxaca Mexican bean roasted full city is just the drink fit for an Aztec king or an urban king, a very satisfying cup of coffee.




Lincoln Avenue Light
This blend of coffee is a mix of Colombian Supremo and Kenya beans, lightly roasted for a coffee worthy of its name. Folks go out of their way for this special blend before their journey takes them shopping on the Avenue.

Willow Glen Blend
Local residents rave about the essence of our most popular blend of coffee. Produced from a mix of both dark New Guinea and light roasted Kenya beans, the blend is very favorable and smooth.

Minnesota Dark
A bold, dark, full-bodies blend of New Guinea and Sumatra beans, this coffee will get your attention. Its dark earthy taste is unique, finding a special place among coffee lovers.

Wake up your taste buds to a blend of special beans. This zesty coffee delivers great taste and wake-up qualities.

French Roast
The darkest roast we produce. We use a high-grown hard bean that has enough density to withstand the degree of this roasting process. This coffee is intense and produces a smokey over-tone.


Decaffeinated (Swiss Water Process)


French Roast Decaf Colombian Decaf
Java Decaf Willow Glen Decaf
Sumatra Decaf Espresso Decaf

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